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It has been decided that the country will give 100,000 yen per person. Also receive foreigners


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Since the new coronavirus has spread and everyone is getting into trouble, it has been decided to give 100,000 yen per person from the country. In Nishimeya Village, Aomori Prefecture, where the population is low, we have begun to give money.

The people who can get 100,000 yen are the Japanese who live in Japan and the foreigners who have the qualification to stay in Japan for more than 3 months and who have registered their address at the government office.

The documents to get the money will arrive at the house from the public office. Write down your bank account number, etc. on this document and send it along with a copy of your passbook or passport to the government office. If you have a My Number Card, you can apply online.

In order to get 100,000 yen early, the government decides to help cities and towns with a large population and not enough people to work for government offices.

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How do I recieve 100,000 yen from Japanese government ?

The procedure is detailed in English in this article.

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